This site is an ongoing project for owner and developer, Anastacia Gutierrez. It is the initial creation of several reluctant years and, today, continues to be a patient (or sometimes driven) labor of learning, planning, and developing in Anastacia’s free time.

Having produced a collection of over one hundred drawings and paintings during the course of her high school, college, and personal time, friends and family began to demand a better venue to enjoy her artwork. The solution was the AEG Online Art Gallery created in 1999, which displayed a selection of artwork and gave friends the ability to easily access her portfolio. Many years later, the AEG Art Gallery contains a full index of the artwork Anastacia has produced (a very few exceptions do apply), and the larger site offers opportunity for Anastacia to experiment and study various aspects of web development.

As a tool for exploring design and an ever-changing personal style, Anastacia implements frequent changes to the website — although those changes are precipitously less common now that her hours at work are spent programming as well. Hopefully, you continue to enjoy the (painfully slow) evolution of this distracted endeavor.