Jungle Cat G-ma

Jungle Cat OriginalJungle Cat Modified

A jungle cat is an illusive animal that lives in the depths of dense jungles: you never know where it is, you never know when it may strike, but you can be sure that it is watching and hunting you, crouched down low and ready to pounce…

So my grandma has this miraculous, suspicious, and annoying habit of winning any and every game of cards she plays. She may look jovial and innocent but the woman knows her way around a deck of cards like no one’s business. She’ll count the cards, she’ll be on the verge of absolutely busting, each person in the family can set out on a vendetta to take her out early so that someone else has a chance – all strategies are useless against the silent Jungle Cat G-ma. Sure there are a few upstart “jungle kitties” in the mix, but there’s only one jungle cat whose intentions you cannot escape. Just don’t let your guard down. Oh well, hell, it doesn’t matter, you’re toast anyhow! Might as well pour yourself a manhattan to make the attack less brutal.

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